Our Name

 *”Tammey” is the Arabic word for “silt” meaning the solid, dust-like sediment that water, ice, and wind transport and deposit around river banks. It also means fill up the stream (Oxford Dictionary). Silt (Tammey) also implies meanings like fertility, development, modesty, diversity, wealth, stability, accumulation and life.

Who we are?

Tammey believes that young people are an opportunity in shaping local and national development processes and prospects. But, in many cases they are untapped assets with huge potential and capabilities that require fostering, care and a fertile environment, just like the fertile soil, to realize their maximum potentials and roles. Inspired by the Egyptian proverb “silt (Tammey) is alike yet harvests different crops” we feel that it shares the same spirit of our approach that seeks to foster good inputs and processes (with nourishing soil); thus cultivates a process of healthy growth allowing youth to realize their potentials and make viable choices in life.


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What We Work?

Support Research and Formulation of National Youth Strategies and Policies

Planning and Managing Youth Programmes and Projects

Concept design, learning process and creative ideation

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