Reciprocation is embedded in our local cultures through different forms and norms. Tammey commits 10 – 20 % of its net income to create a prospect for social reciprocation; it supports inspiring initiatives and new practices for youth development and creating diverse spaces for youth role within their communities. Yet, Tammey is not confined to one form of commitment, it is non- thematic. Tammey invests the funds in different venues and forms guided by its vision and mission. Through these funds, it believes beneficiaries will pay it forward to their families or communities, or societies or neighbors etc… in different forms.


Through this commitment it provided and will continue to provide support to different initiatives, dreams, efforts by youth and community. Tammey supported:

  • Youth-led initiatives: through contributing the space, funds, audio-visual documentation etc.
  • Social and economic solidarity: “Izwiti” a solidarity kitchen that supports vulnerable and poor communities through voluntary request to pay the price of two sandwiches (prices are minimum) but receiving and consuming only one. The other sandwich remains pending for a needy person to consume. Tammey also supports another culture space “Al Manjara” that provides a model of perpetual re-invention through re-cycling and affirms the capacity of human of innovation and re-production of solutions and alternatives rather than only consuming. Both located in the downtown area – Al Kalhah Stairs.
  • Cultural Solidarity – supported the Albums for a two creative singers – Lara Elayyan – “Helwi” focusing and reviving the consciousness of the people about their cultural heritage – Palestinian and Traditional Arabic Songs and Shadi Zaqtan a Palestinian signer portraying the daily and mundane struggle of Palestinians against the Israeli Occupation and political life – “Singing at a Check Point”.
  • Learning platforms: Tammey funded a Radio Program (on Youth- led Initiatives- “We can- إحنا بنقدر” “) broad casted via Radio Al Balad 2012.
  • Learning opportunities through encouraging and covering the participation costs of youth in workshops in Jordan and the Arab Region conducted by Tammey through different projects. Tammey also contributed to two travel grants through Safar program. The grants were dedicated to the Jordanian writer “Rocks bin Zayed Al Uzaizi” and the vanguard Egyptian Artist and intellectual “Hamed Saeed”.