Our Story

4. Our Story

The Dream Team

A few years before "Tammey" Kamel Al Nabulsi, Rana Taher and Mohamed Yassein teamed up as freelancer consultants in youth development and participation.  The team worked together passionately in the Arab Region. Professionals who do not believe that youth development is a job or a career, but rather a life style that extends beyond working hours or professional interventions; it is beyond project or organizational objectives only and rigid working policies but a process-oriented exercise and path . We believed that we should not be fund driven to meet our vision and make a difference within our community, hence attempted to promote a new way of thinking and funding; yet stay true to our cause to support our society. Kamel Al Nabulsi who worked over 20 years in youth development and policies; have certainly paved many conceptual benchmarks for "Tammey" before it was born in 2010. An idea that was not even in scope until during one of our missions, a colleague and a friend asked a question: "You have a very unique way in working with youth and addressing their issues, so why don't you establish an organization and expand the team of development practitioners and experts with a vision and mission that resembles you?" The questions hovered for quite for some time! Do we want a structure that holds us back? How do we come up with a formula that allows us to be free of limitations!

Individuals with a passion for development and liberation

Our quest began, especially more youth workers and practitioners joined, Bothaina Qamar was among the first who also joined our discussions to establish "Tammey". The name then, was not determined. Many questions were on the table. What is our name? How can we present a model that fulfills our vision and beliefs? Why an NGO? Why NOT an NGO? How can we be NOT fund driven? Are we a network?  Or a consultancy firm? Or an organization working with youth? Where should we be based? What should our scope of work be? How do we fund our in-house programs? What can we do to support the community and social reciprocation?

With these questions and many others, the core team started brainstorming along other colleagues and practitioners in development and set the main elements and outline for our portfolio, and in many cases raised more and more questions!

Combining different elements, we came with our model! A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE. A (private-profitable) consultancy firm that provides professional consultancies to formulate effective interventions that contribute to young people’s self-development and their effective participation; has a social mission; has an ethical stance towards issues of our region; contributes back to the community; provides self-funded in-house programs/interventions for, with and by youth and acts as an incubator for youth-led-initiatives etc.; networks with the Arab region through an interactive website; and above all not donor driven as this model allows us to choose our consultancies.

This model allowed us to reinvest a proportion of profit and net income back into community and social goals through different venues through committing 10 – 20 % of Tammey's net income to create a prospect for social reciprocation and support inspiring initiatives and new practices for youth development and creating diverse spaces for youth role within their communities.

Rana Taher

"I feel that I work and live in an organic environment, Tammey is not an organization; it is a resilient model that grows, breaths and learns just like us"

Rana Taher – Founder and Projects Manager