Social Enterprise

Model of social enterprise

We are inspired by Ghandi’s saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”; this philosophy pushed us to focus on ourselves as a team and as an organization. We are working on our model as an endeavor to prove that there are many ways people can develop themselves other than the imposed structures. We are trying to find solutions to our communities that are not donor driven and that focuses on our values and assets.

 “I started with Tammey in 2011 then I left by end of 2012 to pursue my studies in Sustainable International Development. After my graduation I had the chance to move on in a traditional development practitioner career track, but I knew deep down in my heart that Tammey is my place. I believe in the necessity of challenging the current development paradigm and being with Tammey is the lab where we can proove it”. Bothaina Qamar – founder and knowledge management officer 

The below chart summarizes our work model

Since the beginning our mission our objectives are more social rather than business objectives. Our vision is to see an entire generation of youth who are capable of generating their alternatives and mastering their paths of life.  Our services and consultancies are the source of our income and we don’t work based on donor funds or charity. Through this, we sustain our social goal.  The income is deployed to sustain Tammey as well as cover the running and operational costs of our space, office and team. We support our in-house interventions. Our services for youth are free of charge; whereby we provide a space for them, library and a capacity building track via the volunteers and youth participation unit. We have mixed forces working to achieve our mission; we are a group of specialists, youth development consultants and youth activists as well as volunteers in many of our interventions or initiatives that we incubate such as “Madinati wa Ana” initiative. All of those elements form the structure of Tammey as a social enterprise.

Our story does not end by this line …we are open for new ideas and thoughts and have the flexibility to adapt with them as long as we are preserving our values and philosophy. Our team is getting bigger and bigger and there is always a place for new people to come and design their track and contributes to our story.